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Hier finden Sie Ihren Typo3 Entwickler
in Rumänien

Im Herzen von Osteuropa

Wir machen es Ihnen einfach einen Typo3 Entwickler zu finden in Rumänien

Das Finden und Einstellen eines Typo3 Programmierers kann für einige Unternehmen durchaus eine Herausforderung sein. Aber nicht für uns. Wir haben einen strengen Einstellungsprozess entwickelt um unsere Typo3 Entwickler in Rumänien richtig zu screenen. Neben unseren theoretischen Tests müssen unsere Entwickler ebenfalls Ihre praktischen Hands-on Typo3 Entwicklungserfahrung nachweisen.
Hier finden Sie Ihren Typo3 Entwickler
Alles begann mit einer einfachen Idee

Die hohe Nachfrage nach Typo3 Entwicklern

Die Fakten sind klar. Die Nachfrage nach hochqualifizierten Talenten in Typo3 Entwicklung ist höher als das Angebot. Dies schafft einen enormen Mangel auf dem Markt. Unsere Mission ist einfach: Wir suchen, finden und stellen die besten Typo3 Programmierer in Rumänien ein. Auf diese Weise sichern wir unseren Kunden den strategischen Vorteil
Hier finden Sie Ihren Typo3 Entwickler
Im Herzen von Osteuropa

Im Herzen von Osteuropa

Warum Osteuropa? Und warum Rumänien? Geografisch hatten wir viele Möglichkeiten, aber wir haben uns ganz bewusst dafür entschieden unser erstes Büro in Rumänien zu eröffnen. Wir glauben, dass Rumänien viele Vorteile hat: Hervorragende Softwareentwickler, schnelles Internet die allgemeine Lebensqualität, und Mitarbeiter, die es gewöhnt sind in perfektem Englisch zu kommunizieren.

Hier finden Sie Ihren Typo3 Entwickler
Wir halten unsere Mitarbeiter bei Laune

Wir halten unsere Mitarbeiter bei Laune

Viele Unternehmen sagen, dass sie an dem Wohlbefinden ihrer Mitarbeiter interessiert sind. Nur bei einigen wenigen ist das tatsächlich auch der Fall. Unser Geschäft dreht sich zu 100% darum die besten Entwickler zu finden und diese auch zu halten. Ohne Mitarbeiter haben wir kein Geschäft, und daher ist es unser erklärtes Ziel, diese auch bei Laune zu halten.

Hier finden Sie Ihren Typo3 Entwickler


Are there any upfront recruiting or contractual costs when hiring Typo3 developers with TE?

Yes. We require an initial deposit that will be applied as a credit to your first invoice once you hire your Typo3 developers. If you decide not to move forward, your deposit will be completely refunded.

Can I swap a resource for another?

Yes. While we rigorously screen our resources to ensure they meet your requirements, we understand that not every developer will be a perfect fit for every company.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We primarily work with ACH, bank wires and typically work with EUR, CHF, USD and GBP. For smaller amounts, we do accept all major credit cards.

Who owns the legal rights of the work created by my Typo3 developers?

You, the client.

Where are your Typo3 developers located at?

All our Typo3 developers work from one of our facilities in Eastern Europe. This is to guarantee the IP, security, know-how of our clients' proprietary code and assets. We have facilities in most of Eastern Europe, in particular in Romania, Ukraine, and in the Balkans. Feel free to schedule a visit!

Why don't you allow Typo3 developers to work from home or remotely?

TE is known to be strict on security. Remote work, and freelancing is great as a concept, but our clients, Fortune 500 companies and governments in particular, are very keen to make sure the IP of what their Typo3 developers work on, is safely stored.

How much should I budget to hire a Typo3 developer with Team Extension?

Straight up: We don't compete on price, we compete on quality. The market is in high demand for Typo3 developers, and there is not enough Typo3 developers to go around. Simple economics you might say. This means that pricing around the world is high, regardless of location. We employ your Typo3 developer directly (on your behalf). We pay all the employements taxes, and employment contribution to the state. Hassle-free for you. No complicated paperwork and administrative hassle to go through.

Who is going to manage my Typo3 developer?

You. This is a major advantage for you and our Typo3 developers. You work directly together. That's why we typically let our clients manage their Typo3 developers directly. You know your Typo3 application better than anyone. Upon request, we also provide project management -on your behalf- of your Typo3 developers.

Can my Typo3 programmers work from our company offices?

Yes. This has been a request of some of our clients. We do fullfill it, assuming the Typo3 developer is happy with it as well. The price is of course higher. This works best on a temporary basis. For longer commitment, we should talk about it upfront, to narrow down the details.

Do you do QA? What about CS?

Yes. Think of us as an extension of your team. For QA, we perform free QA smoke test on your Typo3 application. We highly recommend you allocate for a dedicated QA in your budget. For CS, we also have resources available to do the CS of your Typo3 application.

What tools does Team Extension typically use?

Team Extension uses Git, GitHub, Jira, Slack for communication. We'll also invite you to our Slack channel.

At our company, we are using specific tools. VPN, etc. Could my Typo3 developer use them too?

Yes, we can/will use VPN, and yes you can use whatever tools your company is currently using and pass it over to us. If training is required, please take this into account when we are doing the onboarding of your Typo3 developers. Lastly, if licenses are required, please make sure to procure licenses of the software in question for the developer.

How do I get started? How do I hire my Typo3 resource?

Great news! Simply go to Just fill the form and one of our expert will write you back within 24-48 hours to get your account setup.

I am a skilled Typo3 developer, I am interested to work with TE. Where do I apply?

We are constantly recruiting talented Typo3 developers, simply go to to find out about our open positions.





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Ist Ihr Unternehmen bereit für die Zukunft?

Ist Ihr Unternehmen bereit für die Zukunft?

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